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Redline Hot Wheels
Redline Hot Wheels
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The 1968 - 1972 Models in Package


Finding the original Hot Wheels in the original packages is very hard to do.  Especially the 1968 models called Customs like the Custom Mustang and Custom Cougar.  The cars that are the most difficult to find were produced in lower quantities and never included in the Shell Gas Station giveaways.   The cars that were included in the giveaways are the ones you see the most of in the original packages.

1968 Models

Beatnik Bandit Custom Barracuda Custom Camaro
Custom Corvette Custom Cougar Custom Eldorado
Custom Firebird Custom Fleetside Custom Mustang
Custom T-Bird Custom Volkswagen Deora
Ford J-Car Hot Heap Python

1969 Models

Brabham Repco F1 Chaparral 2G Classic
'31 Ford Woody
'32 Ford Vicky
'36 Ford Coupe
Classic '57 Bird
Custom AMX Custom Charger Custom Continental
Custom Police Cruiser Ford MKIV Indy Eagle
Lola GT70 Lotus Turbine Maserati Mistral
McLaren M6A Mercedes 280 SL Rolls Royce
Shelby Turbine Splittin Image Torero
Turbofire Twinmill Volkswagen
Beach Bomb

1970 Models

this model comes
special Club Kit box
Ambulance Boss Hoss
Silver Special
Cement Mixer Classic Nomad The Demon
Dump Truck Ferrari 312P Fire Chief's Cruiser
this model comes
special Club Kit box
Fire Engine Heavy Chevy Heavy Chevy
Silver Special
this model comes
special Club Kit box
Jack Rabbit Special King Kuda King Kuda
Silver Special
Light My Firebird Mantis Mighty Maverick
Mod Quad Mongoose I
Funny Car
Moving Van
Nitty Gritty Kitty Paddy Wagon Peeping Bomb
Porsche P-917 Power Pad Red Baron
this model comes only in a track set and was only available in Canada
Sand Crab Seasider Sky Show Deora
this model comes only in a track set box
Sky Show Fleetside Snake I
Funny Car
Swingin' Wing
TNT Bird Tow Truck Tri Baby
Whip Creamer    

1971 Models

AMX/2 Boss Hoss Bugeye
Byefocal Classic Cord Cockney Cab
Evil Wevil Fuel Tanker Grass Hopper
Hairy Hauler The Hood Ice "T"
Jet Threat Mongoose II
Funny Car
Rail Dragster
Mutt Mobile Noodle Head Olds 442
Pit Crew Car Racer Rig
German Package
S'Cool Bus Scooper Short Order
Six Shooter Snake II
Funny Car
Rail Dragster
Snorkle Special Delivery Strip Teaser
Sugar Caddy T-4-2 Waste Wagon
What-4 Team Trailer  

1972 Models

Ferrari 512s Funny Money Mercedes C-111
Open Fire Mongoose
Rear Engine Dragster
Rear Engine Dragster
Side Kick    

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