1969 Redlines Sell
Redline Hot Wheels
Redline Hot Wheels


1969 Splittin' Image



USA made only


Antifreeze Aqua Blue
Light Blue Brown Gold

Green Lime Yellow Magenta
Olive Orange Creamy Pink
Purple Red Rose

Some collectors think that cars like the Splittin' Image, Twinmill, Torero and Turbofire are common but to find them in like new condition is extremely difficult.  Even the ones still in the original blister packs seldom are truly beautiful and can have spots, dark areas or corrosion. 
 Whenever you see a near perfect car you should get it, as they are few and far between. The only reason they are not as popular as other models is that when used or flawed they are not very appealing.  When they sparkle and shine they rock!

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