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Redline Hot Wheels
Redline Hot Wheels

Sell Your Redlines

Call or text me right now at (503) 956-3708

Short Version - I want to buy your childhood collection of Hot Wheels if you are over 45 or so.  Call or text me right now at (503) 956-3708

Long Version - I was 10 years old when Hot Wheels were introduced.  My neighbor Jay had every one that came out but I had only 6 models.  Long ago I set out to even that score.

In 1989 I discovered a local collectible toy store that was buying and selling original Redline Hot Wheels.  I immediately became hooked on them.

It is impossible to ever have all combination of each model in every color and in the best condition even if you concentrate only the first 5 years and the first 119 models.  

Every kid had Hot Wheels and with the carry cases that they sold at the same time, Hot Wheels became prized possessions that were saved for many years.  In the 80's and early 90's prior to the internet and eBay it was common to run a local ad and come up with a nice collection on a regular basis.  Nowadays it is much more competitive and the number of un-touched collections is much smaller.

If you still have your childhood collection or know someone who does please contact me right away.  I pay fair prices for models in nice condition.  If you have them in their original "blisterpacks" that is even better.

Priority attention paid to collection that include the first year of Hot Wheels which is 1968.  These cars have 1967 stamped on the base as that is when they copyrighted the original designs.  Remember the year on a Hot Wheels car is not the year it was produced.

I BUY 1968 to 1977 HOT WHEELS
NOTE: the date on a Hot Wheels car is not the year when
it was made it is the year of the design copyright
Text or Call 503-956-3708
especially these models!
1968 Original Package 1968 Original Package 1968 Original Package
1968 Custom Barracuda 1968 Custom Camaro 1968 Custom Cougar
1968 Custom Corvette 1968 Custom Eldorado 1968 Custom Firebird
1968 Custom Fleetside 1968 Custom Mustang 1968 Custom T-Bird
1968 Custom VW 1969 Custom AMX 1969 Custom Charger
1969 VW Beach Bomb 1971 Classic Cord 1971 Olds 442


Text or Call 503-956-3708

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