1969 Redline Hot Wheels

24 New Models added to the Original 16


The second year of Hot Wheels features 24 new cars and many of the first year cars continued.  Of the 1968's still being produced the first to be dropped from the line-up were the Custom Camaro, Custom Cougar & Custom Mustang.  That is why they are so hard to find today especially in like new condition.  The 1969's featured the Classics, the Grand Prix, and the European series. 


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"The Original 16"
24 Models
37 Models
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1969 Models

Brabham Repco F1 Chaparral 2G Classic '31 Ford Woody
Classic '32 Ford Vicky Classic '36 Ford Coupe Classic '57 Bird
Continental Mark III Custom AMX Custom Charger
Ford MKIV Indy Eagle Lola GT70
Lotus Turbine Maserati Mistral McLaren M6A
Mercedes 280 SL Police Cruiser Rolls Royce
Shelby Turbine Splittin Image Torero
Turbofire Twinmill Volkswagen Beach Bomb