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This site is dedicated to Hot Wheels made between 1968 and 1972.  These Hot Wheels models are affectionately called "Redlines" by collectors because of the red circle on their tire sidewalls.  The first 5 years of Hot Wheels also feature "Spectra-Flame" paint which gives them beautiful color.  I loved these Hot Wheels as a child in 1968 and have collected them as an adult since 1988.  If you have any Redline Hot Wheels like the ones pictured on this site or any related items please contact me right away I am always looking for additional cars for my collection.


Recent Photo Additions
Web Updates - November 6th, 2023
As a dedicated collector I enjoy spending time
adding photos to this site which I built over 20 years ago.
I look for the best photos of each model and all the colors that they were produced in. 
Many photos are from my collection and many more are from eBay, cars seen at conventions and photos submitted by collectors.  Enjoy!


Pink Custom Barracuda Collection
Neat Collection of Redline Hot Wheels
August 1, 2023
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