1972 Redline Hot Wheels

7 New Models for 1972


1972 brought only 7 new models for Hot Wheels.  I suspect that between the over doing of the fantasy models and the popularity of Sizzlers demand was falling off a cliff.  Do you remember Sizzlers the battery powered Hot Wheels?  They came out in 1970 and once I got a hold of those motorized cars the regular cars lost much of their appeal.  There is nothing cooler than a handful of Sizzlers racing around the FAT TRACK Race Sets.  Guys still race them today and it is a featured activity at the Hot Wheels Collectors semi-annual conventions.  This was also the last year for the semi-transparent over polished chrome look of the first 5 years of Hot Wheels.

Ferrari 512s Funny Money Mercedes C-111
Open Fire Mongoose
Rear Engine Dragster
Rear Engine Dragster
Side Kick    

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