1973 Redline Hot Wheels

All new paint process for 1973


1973 was a complete change of models for Hot Wheels.  Gone was the beautiful "Spectra-Flame" paint jobs.  Gone were some of the best models we knew and loved.  Even so 21 of the 24 models were previous designs.  Much like today's Hot Wheels they tend to over make the models we like the least.  Enamel paint was introduced.  73's are very hard to find in any decent condition and expensive.  If you ever looked for 1973 models you will see that there were some better colors made but for some reason they made fewer of them.  They were Orange, Plum, Pink, and Dark and Light Green.  If you can get some of those colors in your 73 collection it is really makes this year a show stopper. 


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1973 Models

Alive '55 Buzz Off Double Header
Double Vision Dune Daddy Ferrari 312P
Hiway Robber Ice "T" Mercedes 280SL
Mercedes C-111 Mongoose Odd Job




Paddy Wagon Police Cruiser Porsche 917
Prowler Red Baron Sand Witch
Show Off Snake Street Snorter
Superfine Turbine Sweet 16 Xploder